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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. there used to be a highway here, but tonight the bay area road is completely washed out by the storm. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. the highway is closed indefinitely. kpix5's betty yu is in the santa cruz mountains tonight near los gatos. >> reporter: i am standing on highway 35ier las cumbres and -- highway 35 near las cumbres and you can follow those double yellow lines. it's as if the earth opened up. chopper 5 chose the enormity and power of mother nature's rainstorms. chp got calls of this giant gaping hole around 3 p.m. today and rushed to the scene. it almost looks as if a meteor struck the highway. near the edge at least one power pole split in half and
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wires reached way down into the earth. a geologist will have to a sense the hillside before caltrans comes up with a repair train. options include putting up a -- repair plan. options include putting up a bridge or retaining wall. this is just a series of road problems on caltrans hands. >> the steep hilly terrain with slides coming up on top and the slip out when the soil beneath the road gives way and you also have sinkholes, too. >> reporter: los gatos resident has been staying with friends in the peninsula because he works in woodside. >> i spent the last couple days down the hill so i can avoid it. figured i'd have a nice weekend up here, does not look like that will happen. >> reporter: highway 30 if you've and all alternate -- highway 35 and all alternate routes to his home are closed because of weather related
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damages. >> i've never seen anything this bad and i've spent a lot of time in the sierras, too. because of all the storm damage tonight governor brown is asking president trump to issue a major disaster declaration for california. the governor estimates repairs will top $160 million. after losing in a san francisco courtroom tonight president trump is considering a brand-new travel ban. kpix5's andria borba is in the newsroom with what could be the next plan. >> well, the president said he may issue a new executive order on immigration and travel rather than wait for the courts to rule on e original one. that could come as early as monday or tuesday. options, including just filing a well be, but i today aboard air force one president trump said he won't take his battle to the supreme court, but he is scramming the old order. >> we -- scrapping the old order. >> we have a lot of other options including filing a brand new order. i like to surprise you. >> two weeks ago mr. trump signed an executive order on immigration and travel. after mass confusion,
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detentions and protests at the nation's airports, the order suffered a series of stinging defeats in court after court including a 3-0 loss in the 9th circuit. professor david le vinyl of uc haste -- levine of uc hastings said not taking the travel fan to the highest court in the land is a smart move. >> the chance you would get five justices to intervene at this point was close to zero. >> reporter: levine thinks simply excluding those with green cards and visas and dropping the religious test would pass the muster. >> what the order ought to say is we are not granting any more visas until the process of vetting has been reviewed. >> reporter: benjamin witts of the brookings institute said the first haphazard order could color any future interactions
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between the executive and judicial branches. >> in is a concern that the reckless manner in which president trump did this order and the litigation that ensued will calls the court to put limits on perfectly legitimate authorities. >> now there is yet another twist tonight. the chief judge for the 9th circuit has decided to allow other judges to vote on whether or not to rehear this case in front of an 11 judge panel. brieflies from both sides are due february 16th. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5 news. this story just in, a medical assistant in alameda county is accused of sexually assaulting a patient and tonight police are investigating if there are any more victims. police arrested this medical assistant this morning. he works at kaiser medical office in union city. a female patient says that she was sexually assaulted last month and tonight police are asking any other possible victims to come forward. tonight we want to give you
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an exclusive look at some of the incredible storm damage. bay area highways are a mess right now. sky drone 5 is giving us a view you can't get any other way. in the north bay a chunk of highway 121 is washed away, that treasure road shut down tonight and likely won't reopen until april. even with caltrans fastraking things it will -- fast tracking things it will be a major and lengthy repair. highway 37 in novato was still closed tonight. we sent sky drone over there where your car can't go right now. they've been pumping water just as fast as they, can but it's just the fast enough. chp says they're looking at a prolonged closure there possibly into late next week. back in the santa cruz mountains the chp hopes to reopen one northbound lane on highway 17 around noon tomorrow on the southbound side. kpix5's jackie ward was on 17 tonight. >> reporter: i'm standing in
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the middle of highway 17 during what's supposed to be rush hour traffic. you may see the occasional car drive through here once in a while because chp is allowing local traffic to sneak through. by 7:00 they were able to open up the southbound lane of highway 17, but traffic has been a mess here all week and all day due to continuous landslides. from highway 17 jackie ward, kpix5. it does not stop there. storm damage forced lane closure on highway 101 in palo alto. right now caltrans is working on the left lane northbound between oregon expressway and university avenue. that's expected to reopen sometime before 3 a.m. in berkeley tonight aquatic park is living up to its name. all the rain has done a number on it, but kpix5's christin ayers shows us that's not the only problem. >> reporter: tonight floodwaters are surrounding this berkeley nonprofit. on a normal day you could walk to the edge of that fence, but
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it is filled with water today. heavy rain and a faulty drainage system have shouldn't the place down. >> so -- have shut the place down. >> so this is the edge of the walkway and from here the water level is usually about 3 feet down from this peeps right piece right here. >> reporter: appear -- piece right here. >> reporter: she's the executive director of a nonprofit aquatic park that rents boats and bikes and teaches boat building and other vocational skills, but it's been shut down since january when floodwater went over the seawall. the drainage system that's supposed to let freshwater flow out and saltwater flow in is failing and not only is waterside flooding, marine life like this stingray pay the price. >> we're starting to see dead bat rays and leopard sharks because of the amount of fresh
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water intrusion. >> reporter: the problem is not new to the city. a network of aging tide tubes that crop under the interstate haven't been fixed since the 1930s. the tidal infrastructure of the park is deteriorating. the main tide tubes are falling apart. installing new tide tubes under i-80 is expensive and not feasible. >> they're trying to explore what could be done but not actually breaking ground or construction or anything. >> reporter: she says at this point she's looking for any solution hoping the city will allocate emergency funds to give the kids who come here their boat program back. in berkeley christin ayers, kpix5. it wouldn't be a flood without talking about the russian river which crested above its flood stage again today, but not as high as previously thought. it's the second time just this week sonoma county officials saying it will recede probably within the next hour. tonight this south bay
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reservoir is so full some femur it's -- fear it's near its breaking point. is in anderson reservoir in morgan hill. a -- this is anderson reservoir in morgan hill. a 2009 study showed an earthquake would cause the reservoir to fail. the reservoir is under a stated are not to exceed 68% of -- state order not to exceed 68% of capacity. now it's at 91%. they are releasing water as fast as they. >> it's understood by the dam regular -- they can. >> it's understood by the dam regulators that the water is coming in faster than we can get it out. >> the reservoir is expected to top out next week. then it could take more than two months to get the water down to a safe level. a retrofitting project to strengthen the dam is years away from completion. all eyes are on the state's
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second largest reservoir tonight. lake oroville is at 99% capacity. to kee g. right now water is rushing down a damaged spillway as part of a deliberate effort to keep it from overflowing. veronica de la cruz is here to explain what's going on. >> a mass of water is cascading down the main spillway at the oroville dam creating a rainlike mist throughout the area in butte county. state officials have increased the all because after recent storms more water is going into lake oroville than going out. the cost of fixing it later will likely be more than $100 million, but using it now is better than the alternative, letting water and the lake overflow and pour down into an emergency spillway that's never been used, but engineers are preparing for that option as well. >> we're clearing brush below so that if we had to use it, it wouldn't wash into the diversion pool and plug up gates down below. we are planning it as a
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contingency plan in case we run into trouble with our control spillway gates and have to shut those down. >> the emergency spillway opens onto the rugged hillside right next to the damaged one. state officials say even if they end up using it, there will be no flood danger for communities downstream. the rushing water has sent mud and pieces of concrete into a hatchery endangering millions of baby fish. environmentalists are trying to rescue as many of the fish as they can. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. a massive mudslide forced authorities to close highway 50 at least the next 24 hours. the mudslide began after 4:00 tonight. since then crews have worked nonstop to clean up. the chp says they're looking at 4,000 yards of debris. crews say one car got stuck in the mud and unfortunately there is no detour for this closure. our homes." (7) chp ake 24 to 36 >> kind of weird. this is surreal. kind of don't think this would happen. >> we're at our houseworking
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late and while the slide happened. >> and says it's going to -- chp says it's going to take 24 to 36 hours at best to get this highway cleaned up. 80 eastbound is set to reopen to cars traveling single file any minute now. single file truckers can pass through at 2 a.m. the chp is working nonstop trying to clean that up debris left over from the mudslide. westbound lanes remain closed. a stretch of the interstate was closed because of mud and fallen trees. a church in palo alto put up a sign welcoming immigrants and refugees, but it's been stolen twice now. report report cate cauguiran has more from cupertino. >> we want our message that everyone is welcome here. >> reporter: this banner prominently displayed at the intersection of stelling and mcclelland road wasn't welcomed
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by all. >> maybe once take it as a prank, but then twice you go it's a little bit deeper than that. >> reporter: the first banner was put up around christmas time but stolen in early january. st. jude's decided to get another banner. the priest in charge at st. jude's said this second banner was first put up january 27, the same day president donald trump signed an executive order restricting immigration from seven predominant hill muslim countries. then early -- predominantly muslim countries. then earlier this month someone tried to damage the steel poles holding the banner up. the church members put up a new pole and the banner is up again. >> cupertino is a community that's kind of close-knit. there's a very diverse. >> reporter: parishioners are taking the incident as a call to action. >> it's important in a time like this that individuals and
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groups stand up for what they believe to be right. >> reporter: church leaders say the cost to replace the banner -- >> not nearly as costly as somebody who lives in fear or lives being afraid of how other people are seeing them because they are immigrants or because they are refugees. >> reporter: cate cauguiran, kpix5. someone vandalized a statue outside a church office in san jose. the statue of st. joseph is missing a hand now and the child by the saint is missing a finger. this is right outside the san jose diocese on north first street. sponsible. tonight the diocese confirmed to us there was an act of vandalism. it does not know who is responsible. police released a sketch of a man they say robbed a girl scout and her moehler at gun point. union city police -- mother at gunpoint. union city police describe the suspect as an african american teen about 5' 5 wearing dark
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clothing wearing a hood. the police officers donated their own money to cover the loss from that theft. in sacramento county up to 22 train cars derailed and plunged into a flooded river. allen martin tells us investigators think they pinpointed the cause of the crash. >> the fangled mess is stick out of the con -- the mangled mess is sticking out of the con assumes river. it -- consumnes river. it thanked about 3:30 this afternoon. investigators believe the union pacific train derailed after one of the tracks collapsed in all this water. >> when there's ever moving water, 1 to 2 inches can cause your car to drift. so we precaution people not to drive on flooded roadways. >> hazmat crews responded to make sure the derailment did not spill hazardous material. fire officials say the train was carrying flour and tomato sauce. three people on board the train at the time of the crash, but no one was injured. a man was saved from a
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fiery crash by first responders who showed up just in the nick of time. you can see the car on fire in florida and the police officers pulling the man to safety while his legs are still engulfed. moments after the car exploded shooting even more flames high into the sky. the dramatic scene played out last night. the driver somehow lost control of his vehicle slamming it into a concrete barrier. thanks to the officers he will survive. poison land, stolen water, violent crime, there is no doubt a negative side to northern california's marijuana boom, but as kpix5's wilson walker shows us, only on 5 tonight another problem is literally stalking the hills of humboldt county. >> reporter: the humboldt county animal shelter, loud, busy and almost always near capacity. >> we have a constant stream, a constant supply of strays. >> reporter: like just about everything else around here, you can trace it right back to
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the region's green rush. >> the people that come to our community even just traveling trimmers, almost all of them bring dogs with them. >> reporter: but the problem is hardly confined to the pound. >> actually been in the family since 1865. >> reporter: wes moore has spent his entire life working this land in the county's eastern hills and while there has always been marijuana here, the explosion of growers coming from outside the county has brought a new pack of problems. >> probably 75% of them take their dogs when they leave for the season, but some of them turn their dog loose and it has to fend for theirself. >> reporter: dogs turned loose by the seasonal flood of trimmers or that simply wandered away from guard duties at a farm. we won't show you the worst damage, but those dogs are taking a lethal toll on the region's livestock. >> they chew their ears off. they blind them from chewing on their face. they'll chew their udders off,
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rip their stomachs open. >> reporter: it's not just the animals that are killed or have to be put down because of injuries. the surviving cattle is often traumatized or underweight. that means ranchers take a hit at the auction and struggle to manage cows that are all terrified of their herding dogs. the problem is really part of the season now. the sunny months give way to winter and ranchers find themselves chasing the growths of last year's grow, the dogs left ranging the hillside that makes them almost impossible to catch. >> they'll operate in packs and that's one of the issues we have is when they operate in packs, they can do more damage. >> reporter: there's one livestock deputy for 4,000 square miles of county. >> not only do we have live stock issues, we have wildlife run down by these dogs as well.
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>> reporter: once the new growing season arrives, so will a new wave of dogs. >> you're right about the animal shelter. we filter through so many dogs. >> another pitbull, another shepherd. >> reporter: some of those mixes push close to 150 pounds and on this day several dogs deemed too aggressive for adoption were moved out of the shelter, but this is really just unpiles of the collateral -- just one piece of the collateral damage here ravaged by the marijuana growers who don't play by the rules and don't care who has to pay the consequences. >> people who come up here and make a lot of money and the people living here are left with the aftermath. >> the damage is left behind. >> in this case it's dogs left behind. >> reporter: in humboldt county wilson walker, kpix5. >> a shelter there works day and night with pitbull adoption agencies trying to keep its
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kill rate low, but the demand among growers means that some of those dogs actually end up back in the hills and sometimes right back in the shelter. let's switch gears for a home and man, it was so -- for a moment and man, it was so nice to see the sun today. >> unfamiliar with it, blinded it's so bright outside. you may get that feeling tomorrow and the next day. maybe we'll finally get used to it. it will be a sunny weekend. the radar is clear on friday night happy to report. if we did not receive a drop of rain for the next 232 days, the next 7 1/2 months, the rest of the water year, we still would be 50% above average in santa rosa and san francisco, you're almost there. you almost have a whole water year's worth of rain and it's only mid-february. we'll get five days without rainfall. mid-40s tonight, cooler, could be foggy in the east and north bay, santa rosa41. lots going on this weekend. we'll start with giants fan
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fest tomorrow, no rain, sunshine, 60 degrees. chinese new year's parade in san francisco, clear skies, 57. heading down the road to the pebble beach pro-am? gorgeous weather, sun and clouds, seasonal temperatures around 60 degrees. we are turning a corner with our final area of low pressure moving out, the atmospheric river now southern california, nevada, utah and arizona's problem. we get a ridge of high pressure hanging out for five days. plan on a lot of this, futurecast looking at the sky, no clouds tomorrow, low 60s, sunshine across the board, a beautiful saturday in the east bay. we'll get five days through wednesday mainly dry. a strong jet stream returns next week. it's still out there blocked by the ridge closest to us. once that ridge moves an active weather pattern will likely resume thursday. we'll see more storms, but let's enjoy the dry weather while we have it and we do. oakland sunshine 62, vallejo
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62, napa 65, san jose 61 and san francisco 60 depp for a high tomorrow. how about -- degrees for a high tomorrow. monday and tuesday 67, wednesday 65, cooler and cloudier. thursday the rain returns. it's not a huge storm, but the ground will still be saith rated after five dry days -- saturated after five dry days. put your umbrellas away, all nine of them. the grammys are this sunday and this year's show has a new host. ,,
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where do babies come from? well, they come from our hope and a longing to bring something new into the world. it's fitting, then, that classrooms of children are born every day in northern california --
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the cradle of ideas, changing the very world around us. every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. can't wait to see her. the reigning queens of pop go head to head sunday. adele and beyonce are up for top honors at the 59th annual grammy awards. a new host takes the stage this
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year. he's going to be great. the late late show host james corden, special coverage 4:30 on sunday. the grammys start at 5:00. our betty yu will be live with reports from the red carpet. hey, in sports a first ever in nba history and, of course, it happened during a warriors game. oh, above the rim action in the volunteer state. ,,,,,,,,,,
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its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places.
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how 'bout 12 rebounds, 10 steals.... the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> in the warriors, 12 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 steals, that's the kind of triple double that gets your attention. steve kerr, mild mannered in memphis, a team they had not beaten in two tries. leave it to draymond green. here's one of his 10 steals. oh oh, here's two of his four points. dubs up 10 and he wasn't done. 2nd half this, ken, is a highlight. javale mcgee, that's his thing. he dunks a lot. dubs up 21.
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last quarter green to thompson, no one better on the catch and shoot. he had eight three-pointers. game high 36. doubles won it 122-107. nears the thing on draymond, first triple double in nba history by a player who scored less than 10 points, franchise record 10 steals, 12 rebounds, 10 assists. pebble beach pro-am 2nd round, wayne gretzky short game playing with his son-in-law justin johnson. jordan spieth spyglass sale shot a 65 tied for the lead. a shot clear of the field. over to basketball tara vanderveer and no. 8 stanford back to work to not at home. win over colorado. brittany mcgee, 26 points, 10
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rebounds. three-way tie for first in the pac-12. cal loses to utah 73-64. what happened to them? they're 17-8 now. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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late show with stephen colbert is next. >> made it, made it. >> we made it! >> have a great weekend. >> it's friday. >> no rain!
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